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19 Reasons Why Living in Somerset Could Lead to a Happier Marriage
29th Jul 2016

19 Reasons Why Living in Somerset Could Lead to a Happier Marriage...with a splash of Somerset humour!


Somerset is home to many a happy marriage; we’ve hosted many getting hitch ourselves in the first person here at Ston over the years. As one of the most popular wedding venues in Somerset, we’ve decided to come up with some sensible and some not so sensible reasons why living in Somerset could make your marriage last longer. Here we go…

1.    Known for its scenic outdoors and luscious green countryside, Somerset’s fresh organic air makes for a calm and clearer mind free from arguments

2.    There is a strong sense of community in Somerset as you have to make the most of the few people around

3.    Neighbours often play a big part in married couples lives - this making strong family friends which can often be a savour when living in remote towns and villages

4.    Endless countryside, perfect for long country walks with your partner make for plenty of time spent together

5.    Many couples work together and run their own businesses which strengthens their marital bond

6.    Almost every couple has a loveable rogue in the form of a dog

7.    Throwing an apple was once referred to as a love symbol in Ancient Greek mythology – in Somerset this symbolism lives on except in a watered down capacity called cider

8.    It is often impossible to get 4G in most parts of Somerset therefore couples spend more time communicating in its more traditional form

9.    Public transport to Bristol and Bath are very infrequent and expensive meaning it’s impossible to spend more time with you partner

10.  Somerset is home to the smallest city in the UK, Wells. This can make sneaking down the pub without bumping into a neighbour, family friend or even your partner tough

11.  People born in Somerset tend to stay there their whole life – I mean who needs gas, internet, nightclubs and late nights when you have the opportunity to work at Glastonbury Festival for one week per year?

12.  The most meaningful bonding time for couples is often spent while running the family farm stall at one of Somerset’s successful farmers markets

13.  Somerset is made up of many small towns and villages – people who live in small towns and villages tend to live longer than in cities therefore have longer to make you marriage work

14.  The tranquil surroundings of the countryside make having arguments sound louder than it noise polluted urban areas. They therefore tend to be quieter and less detrimental

15.  Teenagers tend to find Somerset quite boring and disconnected from civilisation so they tend to move away from their parents to more urban locations giving their married parents more quality time together

16.  You can’t get anywhere without driving, therefore as soon as your 17 you get a licence and teenagers spend less time at home giving their parents more quiet time

17.  There are significantly less under 16’s causing less stress for parents making for happier marriages

18.  Pupils in Somerset on the whole achieve a considerably high level of attainment at GCSE than that of their urban, city alternatives. Again another reassuring thing for married parents

19.  Somerset is home to some of the clearest, starry nights in the UK – it is believed that laying under the stars with you husband or wife is one of the ultimate marriage strengthening activities

There you have it, 19 ‘fun’ reasons why living in Somerset could make your marriage last longer – with a much needed injection of Somerset humour.

If you live in Somerset or fancy getting married in our beautiful county, come along to one of our wedding events here or give our Wedding and Events team a call on +44 (0)1761 241631 or by emailing reception@stoneaston.co.uk

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