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Some handy hints and tips to help keep on top of your garden this Summer
25th Jul 2017

Our gardeners, Dale Toten and Steve Hargreaves keep our gardens in the most beautiful conditions and luckily for us, Dale has given us some top tips for getting the most out of your garden this Summer!

Dale says…

  • Bury the trailing stems of pumpkin and squash plants to encourage secondary rooting and ultimately a better crop.
  • Get into the habit of foliar spraying crops. A weak mixture of liquid seaweed and a little washing up liquid at least once, ideally twice a week will keep pests at bay and act as a natural invigorator.
  • Keep on top of picking courgettes, beans, cucumbers etc, leaving them on the plants too long will slow the plant down and stop it producing more.
  • Give your plants occasional soakings rather than a little bit every day. This will encourage deeper rooting which in turn means that your plants are less prone to suffering in warm dry periods.

You can enjoy and explore our gardens for yourself with our Picnic in the park or take in the beautiful scenery at our Outdoor Cinema.

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