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What's the Perfect Proposal
03rd Feb 2016

Are you trying to prepare the perfect proposal? Kat and Anna our Events Co-ordinators have some very interesting ideas to help come up with a proposal that will suit you:

Flash Mob Proposal
Flash mob proposals have been popular for the last few years, they are a fun and surprising way to propose to your loved one. But, remember if your partner doesn’t enjoy public exposure it could end in disaster!

If your partner doesn’t mind, it’s a completely different story. If you think they will appreciate this kind of proposal they can be made very personal, full of energy and emotion. You can always arrange for dance professionals can be hired to choreograph a spectacular flash mob proposal. If you’re working to a budget you can always get your friends and family involved.

The Treasure Hunt Proposal
Make a day of it!

Treat your loved one to a step back in time with a treasure hunt. Fill your treasure hunt with past memories of places you’ve both visited together and things that your partner likes to do, including clues along the way as to where they will be going next and the final destination that they will find you in. You can include places you’ve visited together, music that you both have fond memories of and even places where she can have her nails and make-up done ready to meet you.

Tips: Set Rules;

  • No use of their mobile phone or the borrowing of someone else’s phone to make calls.
  • Social Media access is not allowed.
  • If you would like to record the treasure hunt journey, request that your partner films each step and the opening of each clue.

Vacation proposal

This will take some planning!
It’s the romantic ideal for most. A chance for you to find a memorable little corner of the world for you to be alone together and a destination for you both to remember for a very long time.

Some things to think about:
Do you tell them where you are going? Or, do you plan a trip together but they have no idea that they are going to be proposed to? The option of complete surprise, leaving them in the dark is more difficult but will definitely have the ‘wow’ factor.

For the ‘wow’ factor:

  • Don’t wait until you get there to plan the specifics, do you research and contact the romantic locations or your hotel to make reservations at the most romantic restaurant in the area or when you are able to visit the surrounding areas of natural outstanding beauty.
  • Pack the ring correctly, if you’re flying pack the ring in your carry on luggage but not necessarily in the box just in case your luggage gets checked. Most definitely don’t keep it on your person, if you are searched at security this will completely ruin the surprise. If you’re not flying keep the ring in a secure coat pocket or locked in the glove compartment of your car.
  • Be patient and stick to your plan. Don’t blurt out the question in the car, but also don’t leave it until the last day of your holiday.
  • Make sure your partner is able to come on the trip, check with their boss at work if you need to so that she doesn’t find out.
  • If you are choosing not to tell them where they are going you will need to give them an idea of what clothing to pack, unless you are brave enough to pack their case? You may need some help with this if you’re not clued up on women’s fashion.

Pet Proposal

If you and your partner have a beloved pooch this could be the perfect way to propose.

  • You could have you dog as the ring bearer; this could take some training but your partner will not only see this as romantic but it will show that you have taken the time to train your dog too.
  • Purchase a coat for you dog and have it embroidered with your personal message. This will then be a jacket that can be cherished forever.  The same idea could also be done with a collar, tag or something for them to carry.
  • Alternatively, have your dog lead your loved one to your asking spot following a trail of treats. You’ll want to leave a nice note for your partner asking them to walk the dog, the dog will soon get the idea!

If you’re thinking about the vacation proposal take a look at our latest breaks and offers, the team at Ston Easton Park are more than happy to help make your proposal an occasion to remember, you could get the dog involved too!

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