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Our Gardeners Winter Tips
04th Dec 2015

It’s just as important for you to look after your gardens in winter as it is in the Summer! Although you may not want to go out in the damp and the cold, if you do, your hard work will pay off in spring.

We also have to be very careful at this time of year not to disturb the wildlife living in your hedgerows, flowerbeds and if you have a pond the winter wildlife will love your garden.

Here are some handy tips from our Gadeners Steve and Dale for over the Winter season.

Top Tips:

  • Spread your fallen leaves over your flowerbeds to provide a nourishing mulch for your soil and a superb foraging habitat for the birds living in your garden over the winter season.
  • Trim your hedges but be carful not to cut them back too much as they provide vital protection for birds whilst they are enjoying some tasty berries they may have discovered in your garden or nearby.
  • Do you have a pond? The best time to clear your pond will be between October and early January as this will be when the wildlife activity is at its lowest. It is still important that you watch out for snails, dragonfly and damselfly nymphs in the vegetation. So sort through it to rescue any trapped animals by spreading it out around the edge of the pond for a day or two.
  • Do you have a veggie patch? If so, you need to start preparing it for spring. Digging and forking the soil allows you to loosen it, remove weeds and add your compost or manure, which will improve the structure, moisture and food nourishment for you plants.
  • Prune a little, a very important job can be to prune and shape your shrubs. Remove dead or diseased branches, this will help produce a healthy plant next year.
  • Revitalise your lawn; analyse your lawn for moss and thatch (the drying grass) and then start mowing, weeding and feeding. It is good to keep on top of the grass so that it is moss and weed free in the summer months when you are enjoying the hard work you have put into your gardens.
  • Make sure your herbs survive the cold winter weather, January and February are the coldest of months. Bay, Myrtle, Olive and French lavender can be brought undercover or near the house if in containers, or covered in fleece in situ. Put a cloche over thyme you use for cooking and it will remain leafier. Prune wisteria and grapevines if you have not already done this.

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