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Five Tips to Avoiding Spring Garden Grief
10th Mar 2017

By Stephen Hargreaves, Head Gardener and Dale Toten, Vegetable Gardener

Keen gardener or not, everyone knows springtime is the season to become green fingered. But regardless of how horticulturally talented you maybe, there are five key tips all gardeners must be aware of at this time of year. As one of the few luxury hotels in Somerset which grow and cook around 60% of their own produce, we asked Stephen and Dale to tell us exactly what these five tips are.

Start by hogging beds and borders before the weeds start to take hold. Using well rotted manure or leaf mould as mulch, will help to supress the weeds. Alongside this it will also add condition to your soil giving your beds and borders a head start.

To mow or not to mow? We say mow! However, we would advise you make sure your lawn mower is serviced and your blades are sharp and ready to go. You can also neaten up the lawn edges and margins.

Cut your grass every two weeks at this time of year but ensure the blades are kept high at first to ensure that your grass is not cut too short. Gradually lower the blades as the season progresses.

Three and a half
If you begin to get a yellowing on your lawn just bring the blades back up again and it should return.

Springtime is when you want to begin sowing hardy annuals. From Cosmos to Helianthus, sunflowers to Nicotiana and Sylvestris, building these into your borders now will (hopefully) give you a colourful summer season.

If you are also looking to tie in any climbers and rambling roses, ensure that you use the new growth, as these will be suppler. However, do be careful not to bruise the plant as they are still young.

Looking for spring-spiration? Here’s where we’re at with Ston Easton’s market gardens so far this season >> Click here to take a look at Dale's video.

WARNING: This video contains Vegetable Gardener, Dale Toten and his numerous mighty vegetable collections.

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